American Drug Testing performs any drug test in Charleston and all 50 states drug testing in Charleston and all 50 states
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 background checks in Charleston and all 50 states                                                               supervisor training program to learn about drugs and drug testing

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Founded in 1988, American Drug Testing was created to help individuals and companies maintain drug-free workplaces.  From state-of-the-art drug-testing techniques, to expert legal testimony, American Drug Testing serves companies and individuals in all 50 states.  Additional services include employee background checks and pre-hire assessment services. Sign up for our free newsletter, the Drug-Free Workplace Advisor.

Federally Certified Drug Testing & Alcohol Testing

drug testing at seven Charleston locations, and drug tests in all 50 states

drug testing, urine drug tests, hair drug tests, saliva drug tests and alcohol drug tests

   On-Site Testing Workplace Drug Testing

DOT Physical Examinations Urine Drug Test

DOT, Department of Transportation medical exams available in Charleston and all 50 states

drug testing in all 50 states, including seven Charleston offices

    Service in all 50 States

DNA Paternity Testing Hair Drug Test & Saliva Drug Test

DNA paternity test at seven Charleston locations

Employee background checks in Charleston

       Employee Background Checks Drug-Free Workplace Polices
  Supervisors need to learn about drug testing, a hair drug test, and a saliva drug test


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American Drug Testing is a member of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Association 

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