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 background checks in Charleston and all 50 states                                                               supervisor training program to learn about drugs and drug testing

  Why be concerned about employee drug use?
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Because Drug Abusing Employees are....

3.6 times more likely to injure themselves or co-workers


1/3 less productive, using twice as much sick leave


5 times more likely to file a workers
compensation claim


Filing 10 times as many grievances


Disciplined 10 times more often


Costing you time, trouble and money...

Workplace drug testing helps to eliminate accidents
    Increase your bottom line...
drug testing for truckers and all DOT regulated workers
bulletSave on Workers’ Compensation claims
bulletReduce accidents, absenteeism, theft & liability
bulletMore productive workforce
  Don't be misled...   

70% of all drug abusers are employed


Drug abusers know of, target for employment, and share information on companies that do not drug test.

drug testing improves employee performance

I suspect that many of my employees may be doing drugs.  Will I lose them?

Our drug-free program is designed to maintain your valued employees while improving overall morale and performance. 

Is the program expensive?

No. In fact, studies consistently show that drug-free workplaces save companies money, let us show you how.

    Improve your bottom line with our Drug-Free Workplace Programs

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