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  Who Trusts American Drug Testing?
Up Letter from the President Who trusts us? Senior Executives

More than 200 companies trust us for their drug testing needs. Here are a few…

Terry Kinder, former CEO of Giant Cement

Terry Kinder, former President & CEO, Giant Cement Corporation

With nearly 900 employees in 12 facilities in 6 states, establishing and maintaining a company-wide drug-free workplace is an ongoing challenge. American Drug Testing has been an excellent partner in helping us to accomplish this. In particular, they helped us to uncover, and then eliminate potenially disastrous drug problems at several of our operating facilities. When we have questions about employee drug use, we always rely on their professional staff to provide the right answers – helping us to prevent problems, while saving our company money

Dianne Medlin, Substance Abuse Program Administrator, ATC Corporation

We have found American Drug Testing to be reliable, knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous – and always ready to be of assistance. We highly recommend them. As a healthcare transportation company, we have 104 CDL drivers and 119 vehicles. Clearly, maintaining a drug-free workforce is essential for our operations. American Drug Testing has been an essential part of our program.

John Rama, President Sonitrol Security Systems

We’ve been in business for 25 years, serving the security needs of over 5,000 customers throughout South CaroSonitrol uses American Drug Testing for their workplace drug testinglina. Our employees are in and out of homes and businesses every day, so we’ve got to be sure about the people we hire and maintain. In today’s environment, drug testing is absolutely critical, and we have found American Drug Testing to be an excellent choice. We get accurate results quickly, from professionals we can trust.

Lowcountry Lobsters uses American Drug Testing for all workplace drug testing John Tortorici, Owner, Lowcountry Lobsters

With our previous drug testing company, it seemed we were always burdened with extra work, and “not knowing” if our drug-testing program was truly effective. Our 11 trucks deliver fresh seafood to South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. Clearly, accidents caused by drug abuse could prove devastating to our company. American Drug Testing developed a drug abuse policy tailored specifically for our company, and handles all of our drug testing concerns—so we don’t have to. We’re very pleased with their service


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