Registered Users of Supervisor Training ....


If you're registered, click on the link below to download the training file (once you read the instructions below).  Not registered yet? Email us or call (843) 747-4111

Instructions:  After you click on the above link, save the file (adt-rto.exe) to the desktop of your computer.  When you are ready for the training to begin, double-click the file and the Training Program Window will appear.  Enter your user name and password and then press "enter."

In the window, you will see the following Training Modules that make up the entire program:

  • Drug Supervisor Part 1

  • Drug Supervisor Part 2

  • Drug Supervisor Part 3

  • Alcohol Supervisor Part 1

  • Alcohol Supervisor Part 2

  • Alcohol Supervisor Part 3

Click on the first module to begin training.  If you wish, you may stop after each module and resume the training later, but you MUST finish each module at one time.  Each takes about 20 minutes.  After you have successfully completed all six modules, you will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information, watch a short demo, call us at 843-747-4111 or email us.



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