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As part of a standard drug test, American Drug Testing provides the following associated services at no additional charge.  Some companies quote a lower price for a drug test, but add fees for the following services.  With American Drug Testing, there are no hidden costs.

1- Specimen collection

American Drug Testing has collection sites in 930 places in the U.S.  Specimen collection is performed by medical technicians trained in collection procedures. 

2- Chain-of-Custody

For liability protection, it is imperative that correct chain-of-custody control of the specimen is maintained at all times.  American Drug Testing understands the critical importance of this step and goes to great lengths in protecting your company with chain-of-custody procedures and documentation. 

3- Medical Review of Results (MRO Service)

All POSITIVE drug test results are reviewed by our Medical Review Officer (MRO) to assure that no medical condition, disease state, foods consumed, or medication being taken has potentially caused an interference in the test.  All prescriptions for controlled substances are verified as valid, legal prescriptions. 

٭American Drug Testing also offers these additional services to improve your workforce.

 1- Breathalyzer Tests for Alcohol

American Drug Testing will provide immediate Breath Alcohol testing using certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT) as required by federal regulations.  This test includes confirmation of positives. 

2- GC/MS confirmation

Before a drug test is reported POSITIVE, it is checked at least twice with a final test by GC/MS, the most powerful analytical technique available.  This tells the exact chemical substance found in the urine and is proof positive of drug use. (Required for all D.O.T. tests) 

3- Drug and Alcohol Background checks

American Drug Testing will obtain all drug and alcohol test results from the employees previous employers from the past two years using appropriate procedures and forms. 

4- Full Background checks

American Drug Testing can perform, on any individual employee, complete Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR), criminal records, Worker's Compensation history, previous employer verifications, educational background verification, credit history, fake name links, and many other checks.  Each check is priced individually. 

5- On-site service

American Drug Testing will come on-site to your company and provide drug and alcohol testing services.  We’re available at all times and will arrange testing at almost any location. 

6- After hours services

American Drug Testing provides pre-scheduled after-hours services , 7 days a week until 10PM. 

7- Emergency call-out service

American Drug Testing provides emergency drug and/or alcohol testing, 24/7.  This is commonly required when an employee is behaving under the influence or after an accident.  D.O.T. regulations expect an alcohol test within 2 hours of an accident.  Cost is $75/hr. prior to midnight (plus service fees), and $150/hr. midnight to 9:00AM (including travel time).

 8- Hair Analysis

Urine drug tests only shows drug use within the past few days for most drugs.  Hair analysis is available to show any drug use within the past three months. 

9- Physical Exams

American Drug Testing can provide pre-employment physical exams and periodic exams (usually every two years) for your employees.  We will keep records on behalf of your company. 

10- D.O.T. Drug Test (Required by D.O.T. Reg. 382 Subpart C)

American Drug Testing will provide Department Of Transportation (D.O.T.) qualified drug testing for your employees with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with one of the quickest times available - usually 24 to 48 hours. 

11- Medical Review Officer service for D.O.T. tests (Required by D.O.T. Reg. 382.407)

D.O.T. drug test result must be reported by a Medical Review Officer (MRO). American Drug Testing's MRO is certified by the MRO Certification Council and is D.O.T. qualified. 

12- Randomization for Drug Testing

American Drug Testing’s computer program randomly draws names for drug testing. Since their is no human involvement , your employee can make NO claims of prejudice, harassment, or biasness in random testing. 

13- Randomization for Alcohol Testing

As with drug testing, American Drug Testing only tests the minimum number required by D.O.T. and spaces the testing throughout the year, as required by D.O.T., all randomly by computer and using a separate pool. 

14- Consortium membership

If your company is small (less than 10 employees), we can enroll your company and your employees in our consortium of other small companies.  As part of a group, your company would have the advantages of a large company, but not the costs. 

15- Qualified Personnel

Federal regulations (D.O.T.) require a person with a Ph.D. to be director of the laboratory.  American Drug Testing is the only company in the area who has a Ph.D. directing your drug and alcohol testing program.  American Drug Testing is also the only company that has Registered Pharmacists performing the services your company requires.  This gives you the security and peace-of-mind that your drug testing program is being handled by the most qualified professionals available.


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