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   Letter from the President...

Dear Customer:

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of American Drug Testing for your company's drug-free workplace initiatives.  Here is some information on why we believe American Drug Testing can dramatically improve your drug-free workplace efforts, while improving your bottom line. 

employment drug testing in Charleston and all 50 statesEssentially, we’re a Drug Testing Program Plan Administrator offering a total plan for establishing a comprehensive and effective drug-free workplace.  Protecting your organization from the destructive consequences of drug abuse and bad employees is our only mission. 

bullet We protect you in writing: We’ll review your existing
Drug  Free Workplace Policy at no charge for errors. 
bullet We protect you against drug abusers:  Our program
identifies drug abusers – the employees costing you
time, money, and severe risk.
bullet We help protect you from hiring bad employees:  We
provide online employee Background Checks, letting
you discover who the candidate “really” is, including
criminal, education, credit checks and more.

Here are some other reasons why we believe American Drug Testing is superior other testing companies: 

bullet Medical Review of all tests:    We’ll review employee prescription use at no charge to you.  This is critically important to rule out medical conditions or treatments that could cause a “positive” drug test.  You also won’t have to confront a “positive” employee who has a valid prescription.
bullet Lowest detection levels No one detects drug use better than American Drug Testing.  Other companies use less-sensitive detection levels (ask us why) – allowing abusers to remain undetected.
bullet We use only highly trained specimen collectors with rigorous collection procedures.
bullet We use only government-certified (S.A.M.S.H.A.) laboratories
bullet Legal Protection.  Should the need every arise, we’re available to testify about our results in court.

drug-free workplace newsletter included with your drug testWe’re confident that no other drug testing company can provide you with the extensive, specialized services (including urine, hair, saliva, alcohol) provided by American Drug Testing.   As a client of American Drug Testing, you’ll also receive our Drug-Free Workplace Advisor, a bi-weekly newsletter outlining tips and information to help you maintain a drug-free work environment.             

            Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.  You can call me personally at (843) 747-4111 or email me directly.

Yours for a Drug-Free Workplace,

Robert B. Dodenhoff
American Drug Testing

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