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  Employee Background checks - Report Details & Pricing

Credit History: (Pre-Employment Evaluation Report) – An employment credit report let’s you know an applicant’s level of financial responsibility, which can be particularly when hiring for certain positions. This search provides a trend report detailing an applicant’s ability to meet regular financial obligations and pertinent public records, such as collections, lawsuits or judgments. Identification information, former addresses and past employment may be included. We strongly endorse and support the letter and spirit of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, believing it recognizes and safeguards the public, while being responsible for the fair treatment of consumers. All searches are conducted thoroughly, while protecting the legal rights of all applicants at the same time.

Federal (National) Criminal History: (Criminal Offender Database) – Contains more than 180 million criminal record files from a multitude of federal, state and localCharleston, SC background checks criminal record repositories. Applicants with prior criminal records don’t always reveal vital information. Searches reveal, among other crimes, histories of sexual offences and violence – employer’s two major areas of legal liability. Information revealed through this search can identify high risk applicants, helping you prevent internal theft of your company assets, trade secrets and technologies. We conduct only 100% in person, real time searches to provide the most comprehensive, up to date information available.

Personal References: References provided by applicants will be contacted directly by Acxiom.

background checks on criminalsCriminal History (County): - Acxiom will perform both a national criminal database check as well as physical county record check. The national criminal database does not contain records for every single county within the United States. A large percentage of crimes on record can be found within the current county of residence for an individual.  

Motor Vehicle Report - Checks driving history, including speeding, reckless driving, accidents and driving under the influence. Revoked and suspended licenses are also reported. This search provides additional identity verification, including name, SSN and vital statistics.  

Previous Employment Verification: - Provides direct contact with previous employers to confirm statedbackground checks and motor vehicle reports work history, including dates of hire, terminations, job title and rehire eligibility. You might be surprised at the number of applicants who lie about previous work experience. It is said that history repeats itself, so information from previous employers and co-workers is extremely valuable when compiling a complete profile of your applicant.  

Education Verification: - Confirms educational credentials through direct contact with educational facilities. During the hiring process, employers often scrutinize an applicant’s educational background, assuming the information provided is accurate. Educational credentials are often used to determine the applicant’s position and salary. Acxiom can provide you with a complete educational history on an applicant. Undergraduate, graduate, technical, business and trade schools are directly contacted. Medical, nursing, accounting and attorney licenses, to name a few, are also verified.

National Social Security Search (NSSS): - The social security number is one of the most abused pieces of personal information. Acxiom can search available records in order to verify an applicants social security number, detect fraudulent numbers and flag numbers that have not been issued by the  Social Security Administration or have been filed with death claims. This check targets counties in which applicants have resided, but have not disclosed, to uncover possible criminal histories. This tool has proven to increase “hit” or record ratios, or the overall percentage of applicants found to have criminal histories. Alias and maiden names can also be discovered through an NSSS search.

State Criminal: - Records will be checked utilizing individual repositories for each state. These state databases are typically maintained by State Police agencies. These databases often contain records from each individual county within that state. Currently, some states maintain very accurate databases while others are spotty. Please review the state reliability report provided by Infomart.

Sex Offender: - A Sexual Offender Registry Check, in available states, may reveal information relative to applicants with histories of sexual crimes, the severity of those offenses, personal defendant identifiers and arrest dates.

background checks may help in your workers compensation casesWorker's Comp: - A Workers' Compensation Search may determine whether an employee will take advantage of injury claims. If a person has abused workers' compensation in the past, there is a chance he/she will do it again. Conducted in available states, AISS reports full detail surrounding filed claims in accordance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). 


Packaged Checks: 

Instant Criminal = (NSSS+Instant National Database Search)

County Criminal = (NSSS+1 County Criminal)

7 Year Due Dilligence = (NSSS+Multi-County Criminal 7 Years+OFAC Watch List Scan)

Executive Search = (NSSS+Multi-County Criminal 7 Years+Education Verification+ Employment Verification+Personal References – up to 4+Sex Offender Search+OFAC Watch List Scan) 

Package Specific Services: 

OFAC Watch List Scan: - (Suspected Terrorist Watchlist) Acxiom Information Security Services’ proprietary Suspected Terrorist Watchlist provides snapshot information concerning the recorded or suspected terrorist affiliation of applicants pursuing employment with your company. Know the people you welcome into your corperate culture by examining the multiple, often unearthed, dimensions of their backgrounds. Acxiom’s Suspected Terrorist Watchlist service includes, but is not limited to, searches connected to the following information sources:

bullet Office of Foreign Asset Control’s SDN and Blocked Persons FBI Alleged Suspects
bullet Suspected Terrorist List
bullet Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization List FBI’s Most Wanted
bullet OSFI – Individual Terrorist
bullet OSFI – Entities of Concern to the Business Community Bank of England
bullet Sanctioned Countries
bullet The Denied Person List Unverified List
bullet List of Debarred Parties the Entity List
bullet World Bank Listing of Ineligable Firms.

Sex Offender: - A Sexual Offender Registry Check, in available states, may reveal information relative to applicants with histories of sexual crimes, the severity of those offenses, personal defendant identifiers and arrest dates. Know the individuals you welcome into your culture. Help protect your company from one of the most glaring areas of corporate liability, sexual violence. Let Acxiom's Sexual Offender Registry Checks provide insight into the previous noteworthy behavior of your applicants. 

A La Carte'     Base Price  Applicable Fees
NSSS (National SSN Search)        $                               10.00  n/a 
County Criminal History       $                               20.00  See County Fee list 
         (+ applicable county fee)   
State Criminal History        $                               20.00  State Fee 
         (+ state fee)   AL $5, AK Not Avail AR $22, AZ Not Avail, CA Not Avail, CO $6.85, CT $50, DE $37.50, FL $24,  
           GA $5, HI $7, IA $15, ID $10, IL $10, IN $15, IO $10, KS $20, KY $18, LA Not Avail, MA $30, ME $25, MD $5,   
           MI $10, MN $5, MO $10, MS Not Avail, MT $11.50, NC $5, ND $50, NE $10, NH $15, NJ $28, NM $7, NV $15,  NY $55,   
           OH $22, OK $15, OR $15, PA $10, RI $5, SC $25, SD $15, TN 29,  TX $3.15, UT $5, VT Not Avail, 
           VA $15, WA $10, WI $13, WV $20, WY $15 
Federal Criminal History (single district court search)  $                               20.00  n/a 
Credit Check      $                                 9.00  n/a 
Employment Verification (per)    $                               18.00  n/a 
Education Verification (per)    $                               18.00  n/a 
Driving History (MVR)      $                                 6.00  State Fee 
         (+ state fee)   AK $5, AL $7.75, AR $8.50, AZ $6, CA (Not Available), CO $2.20, CT $15, DC $13, DE $15, FL $8.02, GA $6, HI $10, ID $9 
           IA $8.50, IL $12, IN $7.50, IO 8.50, KS $6.60, KY $5, LA $6, MA $8, MD $9, ME $7, MI $7, MN $5, MS $11,  
           MO $1.25, MT $7.25, NC $8, ND $3, NE $3, NH $12, NJ $12, NM $4.25, NV $7, NY $7, OH $5, OK $12.50, OR $2, 
           PA (Not Available), RI $20, SC $7.25, SD $5, TN $7, TX $6.50, UT $9, VA $7, VT 15, WA $10, WI $5, WV $8, WY $3 
Personal References (per)    $                               20.00  n/a 
OIG/HCFA        $                                 9.00  n/a 
National Sex Offender Search    $                               10.00  n/a 
State Workers Compensation Check    $                               35.00  n/a 
DEA Check        $                               20.00  n/a 
State Workers Compensation Check (post-employment)  $                               35.00  n/a 
Instant National Criminal Acxess Search  $                               10.00  n/a 
Packages     Price   Applicable Fees
County Criminal      $                               25.00  See County Fee list 
NSSS (National SSN Search)          
County Criminal (1)          
         (+ applicable county fee)   
Instant Criminal Check        $                               20.00  n/a 
NSSS (National SSN Search)          
Instant National Criminal Acxess          
TRUSST Multi-County Check    $                               40.00  See County Fee list 
NSSS (National SSN Search)          
County Criminal for every county          
 returned in the SSN Trace (7) years          
         (+ applicable county fee)   
Executive Search      $                               90.00  See County Fee list 
NSSS (National SSN Search)          
National Criminal Database          
County Criminal for every county          
found in the SSN Trace (7) years          
Education Verification(up to 2)          
Employment Verification(up to 3)          
Personal References(up to 3)          
National Sex Offender Search          
OFAC Terrorist Watch List       (+ applicable county fee)  
Select ED        $                               88.00  See County Fee list 
NSSS (National SSN Search)          
County Criminal for every county           
found in the SSN Trace (7) years          
Employment Verification (1)          
Education Verification(1)        (+ applicable county fee)   
Federal Criminal History        
          County Fee List
           ($55) NY Counties: Allegheny, Bronx Burrough, Cayuga, Cortland, Fulton, Hamilton, Kings, Montgomery, Nassau, 
                                                New York, Orleans, Queens Burrough, Richmond 
           ($15) ME - All Maine Counties 
           ($9) MO - 91 of 115 counties) 
           ($10) ND - All North Dakota Counties 
           ($15) SD - All South Dakota Fees 
           ($5) CA - Los Angeles County 
          Sample Third Party fees that may be passed along:
          OVES: $7.75
          EdVerify: $8.00
          AdvanceHR: $10.50
          PreCheck: $10.50
          The Work Number: $11.00
          EVS: $15.00
          Individual Universities: $ Varies
          Individual Employers: $ Varies

To insure the best possible background checks available, American Drug Testing employed the services of Acxiom Information Security Services. 

Acxiom Facts:




Publicly Traded since: 1993


Nasqaq symbol: ACXM


FY2005 revenue: 1.22 Billion


Headquarters: Little Rock, Arkansas


Over 6000 associates employed throughout the world.



9 of the top 10 credit card issuers


8 of the top 9 automotive manufacturers


9 of the top 10 retail banks


7 of the top 10 retailers


8 of the top 10 telecom companies


5 of the top 6 media entertainment companies

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For additional information and pricing, please contact us by email or call (843)747-4111.


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