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  Hit & Miss Hiring Practices

We can help you significantly improve your existing employee screening and hiring processes

The renowned business guru, Peter Drucker, estimated that two-thirds of employee hiring decisions may be hiring mistakes.

From your experience you know you have hired some excellent employees and some who failed. Now take a moment and think back. Did you use the same employee screening method to hire both? Typically we find that employers do employ the same methods for each position. This suggests that your existing employee selection process may produce inconsistent hiring results.

Further, your employee selection process is one of the most strategic and valuable places you can cut costs and maximize productivity – if your process works correctly the first time. Employing a proven employee screening system is key to making sure that your selection process works effectively.

Our assessments are invaluable employee screening tools for increasing consistency in your employee selection system. What makes our assessments the leading assessment tools in the industry is our exclusive Job Fit™ technology. We combine tested and reliable data derived from our pre employment screening assessments with a customized job analysis survey to create a benchmark by which you can hire an employee who best fits your job and company.

By including job match as a key factor in your employee selection process, your allocation of human capital will be significantly more effective. Most employee hiring decisions are made with inadequate information; however, Profiles International assessments will deliver the information you need to know before tendering a job offer and making a hiring mistake.

Client Comments 

"We have saved a great deal of money using assessments because we haven't made a bad hiring choice. I like the variety of the assessments that we can use, and the option to specialize in different areas."

- Jerry Hosko, Redi Carpet

"We used the assessments when hiring 141 people in the 18 months after implementing. The end result: An incredible 99.3 percent score in terms of identifying and hiring productive and retainable team members. We find American Drug Testing and its products tremendously helpful in showing us how to guard our key assets -- our people."

- Michael Owens, VHI Healthcare

By implementing the system, we are now able to quickly and accurately evaluate tens of thousands of candidates' resumes each year. The AMS also provides us the ability to search this extensive database in seconds whereas the previous manual process was administratively onerous. And, the Profile assessment tool has allowed us to customize the tool's pattern to more accurately reflect a candidate's propensity for success with OUR jobs in OUR company."

- Chuck LaMotte, White Lodging

"We screen applicants and then use the Step One Survey II. We specifically look at integrity, attitudes about substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. Next, we go to the Profile XT, which helps with questions to ask in subsequent interviews. We've used these products for a while and will revisit them in future recruiting."

- Kip Botkin, Highland Police Force

Profiles International employee screening tools help you reduce and eliminate hit and miss employee hiring practices. Profiles International screening tools include:

Profiles Step One Survey II prescreening survey is a pre-employment screening tool designed for executives and hourly employees to assess the abilities of job candidates regarding personal integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. 

Technical Specs: 

Solves these challenges: Employees Who Steal Money, Property and/or Time, Expensive Employee Turnover, Low Energy or Non-Productive Employees, Use of Illegal Substances, Tardiness, Unexcused Absences, Unauthorized Internet Use, Abuse of Email

Used For: Reducing employment theft and fraud. Reducing loss of confidential information, trade secrets, and computer data. Reducing absenteeism and tardiness. Reducing lost time due to unauthorized computer, Internet, and email usage. Selecting honest, hard-working employees who show up for work on time. 

Measures: Personal Integrity, Reliability, Work Ethic, Substance Abuse 

Time to Take: 20 minutes 

Administration: Online or Pencil / Paper 

Report Types: 2 Different Reports 

Results Turnaround: Immediately 

For additional information and pricing, please contact us by email or call (843)747-4111.


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